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Author of “Davina’s Quest for Solace”

American author Kandy Moon is passionate about writing romantic erotica, especially when it involves innocent yet sensual heroines, alpha males and toe-curling sex. When it comes to romance, the steamier the better.”

Kandy grew up in the Midwest where you get both extremes of unbearable cold in the winter and extreme heat in the summer. That combination allows for abundant writing time indoors. When she’s not writing, she’s building websites or watching videos on Gaia.com

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Bethany’s Quest

for Power

by Kandy Moon

After the collapse of civilization because of a nuclear attack, survivors setup camp outside of L. A., California in an old oil refinery. Also, a virus that kills females was secretly added to the water supply and killed millions of women. To protect and grow the female species, survivors created a lottery like drawing for marriage between one woman and three men.

“After everything that’s been going around this place in the last two weeks, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in conflict and I’m sick of it. Sick to the death of the emotional muck and slime it leaves everywhere when I need a good night’s sleep in order to do my job. So, for the sake of my sanity, will you please tell me what the hell has been going on between us for the past five years and why we can’t act like civil adults together and get over it?”

Bethany is an alpha female. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. She seeks to get more power and leadership in the colony. Elliot is overprotective of Beth. He’s a beta male. Has an issue with Beth and Nix. Nix is a soldier. He suffers from PTSD. He’s solid, steady, confidant, and sure of himself in all things. Trent is the balance in the marriage but highly emotional.

Being an alpha female, Beth tries to prove herself to the male population by climbing the leadership ranks. She tries to get Salvatore, the camp leader, to allow her to have more power to setup a program for transitioning new comers to the camp. She proposes a rough training program for survivors. It would filter the system for ones that could integrate more fully and feel safe as well as receive any mental or medical care they need after their rescue.

Because of the constant struggle with the raids and injured soldiers, and her quest for more power within the community, the parts of Beth’s marriage that aren’t really working don’t rank high up on the scale of her to-do list.

She has been reluctant to let one of her husbands into her life ever since their marriage five years ago. Then one night on her way from work to her tent, her problem husband pulls up on a motorcycle and offers her a ride home. What happens next is surprising.

This reverse harem romance serial apocalypse story may contain situations that are not suitable for readers under age 18.

This is Book 2 in the “Women’s Quest for Survival” series.

Book 1: Davina’s Quest for Solace

Book 2: Bethany’s Quest for Power

Book 3: Corrine’s Quest for Freedom

Bethany's Quest for Power ebook

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Dangerous Appeasement

by Kandy Moon

I noticed men running for the hills. All but one. He was almost to her when he saw me. I drew my gun knowing that each pull of the trigger
was a dead ringer. I never missed.

I was in search of a new woman. Bored with the last one already, I was on a mission.

Would this be the woman that could handle what I wanted in the bedroom? The punishment that I was going to dish out? I was about to find out.

Dangerous Appeasement
His Tennessee Mountain Virgin

by Kandy Moon

He’s got the money, the power, and on his estate, he makes the rules.  He’s got a dark side and once unleased, it’s hard to control.

Even being a single gal, I was on top of my game.  I had an excellent job in the corporate world.  I had everything I needed: A new house, new car, and I was able to take care of my sick, elderly father.

Then one day, I got called into the office.  It wasn’t another promotion like usual, it was a notice that they’d eliminated my job.  I got a small severance package but that wasn’t going to pay the bills for long. On the way out, my boss handed me a business card and said this is an opportunity for a job with one of our clients.  I stuffed it in my pocket.

Several months later, when things became hopeless, I remembered the business card.

I called the number to check it out.  It was an unusual proposition, but I agreed to setup the meeting anyway.  During the meeting, I was told that I could have any luxury I wanted, and financial security for both myself and my father.  The question I had to ask myself was “Do I want to sell my soul to the devil”.

He came from Australia.  He came from a bad family.  His false hope of family came from joining a White Supremacist gang.  When the heat got too much, he stowed away on a ship to New Orleans.

After fighting off a gang in New Orleans, and saving a young girl who they were attacking, he was offered a place to live with her parents.

He put his hidden talents to use and built a huge business making millions of dollars.  He only had one problem and he needed Remy to fix it.

Once he laid eyes on Remy, he knew that she was going to be his – forever.

She’s 27 years old, strong, and stubborn, but she has a secret. Can she trust this former gangster’s dark side? How long can she keep her secret hidden?


To be upfront, this book has more BDSM sex than most people can handle.  It’s safe.  No cheating, and HEA guaranteed.

His Tennessee Mountain Virgin


Hot and Steamy!


Testimonials & Reviews



Davina’s Quest for Solace. Book 1 in the Women’s Quest for Excellence Series.

Sooo awesome! Post apocalyptic world where women are expected to marry 3 men! Sign me up. Davina is a very independent woman and not completely on board with bodyguards following her around and men telling her what to do. You have to love the roles the men in her life play as they each love her in their own unique ways.


Bethany’s Quest for Power. Book 2 in the “Women’s Quest for Excellence” series”.

Post apocalyptic reverse harem books are a surprisingly common sub-genre in romance right now. Bethany’s Quest takes a different tack than usual by focusing on Beth, who has already been married for five years. The overarching storyline of the series involves a struggle between the organized camps and the raiders, who steal and imprison women. The book is well written and hard to put down once you get started.


Corrine’s Quest for Freedom. Book 3 in the “Women’s Quest for Excellence” series.

It was a grand conclusion to this story as it gave substance to all three books . It is better to be able to except what life gives you and deal with that as Corrine did . In the story Corrine became in control with her life . It left me with a happy ending to all three books . I recommend everyone to read this series of books. You won’t be disappointed . Good writing Kandi Moon.


Dangerous Appeasement: A Dirty Romantic Thriller (Living Dangerously Book 1)

Wow this book took my breath away. It kept me glued to my chair. So much excitement in one book, for me it was a very good story. To see Karen and Korbin’s life started with so much drama till where they made a dicition(not spoiling the outcome) was really worth it sitting and not getting up till the end. I will recommend this book to anyone who loves love, backstabbing and stealing and rescues.


With Kandy Moon’s

Davina’s Quest for Solace